Stepping up to Y9 by Daniel

Stepping up to Y9 by Daniel

Below, an article written by Year 8 student Daniel.

Daniel was part of the BBC News School Report Extra-Curricular club which was attended by Y7 & Y8 students every Thursday evening since November and took part in the National BBC News Day on Thursday 15th March 2018.  

Stepping up to Year 9

Despite feeling like September was only a blink away, in less than 2 months' time, Year 8 will be becoming Year 9.

Wanting to find out more about Year 9 and KS4, I decided to speak to Reece F., a current Y9 student. This will benefit the rest of Y8, as they begin to step up to Y9.

Q1. Are the teachers supportive of you when you are struggling during GCSE’s?

A1. Yes, the teachers are very supportive of you and understand that the work is difficult.

Q2. What are the behavioural standards of Y9?

A2. The standards of behaviour in Year 9 are high, as there is no time for messing around and all the work is vital for passing your GCSEs.

Q3. What are the biggest differences between Year 9 and Year 8?

A3. In Year 8, the speed of the work is slower, however in Year 9 it’s much faster, as we have lots of work to do.

Q4. Do you enjoy Year 9 and why?

A4. Yes, because I chose the subjects I enjoyed and this enables me to learn more.

Q5. Is there a difference between KS3 lessons and GCSE lessons, if so what are the differences?

A5: Yes, there is a difference between them. In GCSE years you revise the work more often (than in KS3), as the work is very important and some of it is things we’ve never covered before.

Q6. Is there anything you miss about KS3 and if so why do you miss it?

A6. In KS3 the work is easier, at a slower pace and so it is easier to understand.

Q7. Can you describe Year 9 in just 3 words?

A7. Challenging, strict and exciting.

So, as you can see, Year 9 is very challenging, as we begin to prepare for our GCSE’s. However, I expect that next year is going to be great, as both Year 7 and Year 8 have been. Thank you for reading this article and I hope it has given you an idea on what Year 9 will be like

By Daniel M, 8RMY.