Liverpool Combined City Region ‘Starting the Conversation’ Young People's Conference

Photo courtesy of Youth Focus North West

Photo courtesy of Youth Focus North West

On Monday, 12th November 2018, during Parliament Week, a group of students from our Student Council joined other young people from across the Liverpool City Region and attended the Liverpool Combined City Region ‘Starting the Conversation’ Young People's Conference at The Black E in Liverpool. 

Take a look at Jess M's report below:

Over the past term, our school council has had numerous opportunities to improve the school and learn many valuable skills which can be used in adult life.

One of the most recent trips was to a youth parliament workshop where four year nine students (including myself) were selected through an audition process to attend regular meetings at the youth council and parliament where important decisions to do with our society are made. Along with Miss Branch, we attended numerous workshops throughout the day, all of which had some link to politics or what’s happening in the world around us. The first workshop was about voting; what it’s all about, our ideas about it and how to do it. We also gained valuable information about what happens at other schools to educate their students on voting and parliament.

The second workshop which we attended was about education. It discussed the funding given to schools and how it is effectively/ ineffectively distributed throughout the country. We contributed in many ways, talking to volunteers our age who helped us to understand how we can make our voices heard in today’s busy world.

Finally, we were given the amazing opportunity to ask our most burning questions to the Metro Mayor of Liverpool. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of the students attending and gave us the chance to learn valuable information about how we are being included into society, and how we can “Make Our Mark”!

Jess M

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