Food Science Mentor visits our Food Department

Food Science mentor visits St Cuthbert’s Food Department

We were delighted to be linked up with Thomas Shaw as our Food Science mentor who came into the Food Department on Friday 10th May and delivered a whole day of food science activities to Year 9 and 10 food students. As Thomas has 44 years of food industry experience and has worked with Chocolate & Sugar Confectionery, Nut Processing, Sweet Bakery Decorations and even Ice cream factories we all learnt lots of new skills and knowledge. We are planning to do further work with him around Ice-cream next! So watch this space….

Love Food Love Science is created and managed by the Institute of Food Science & Technology and they provide schools with the opportunity to link up with a local food science mentor. The purpose of the project is to work with the students who are the next generation of food sector professionals in the UK and share with them information about exciting food science careers available in the UK.


Quotes from Year 10 students:

It was a great afternoon and I really enjoyed learning about food science and it was really fun the way Mr Shaw got us to present our results to everyone at the end– Recce F.


I really enjoyed learning about how raw apples have so much more vitamin C than cooked apples. I never knew that! – Roxanne B.

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