Year 5s' pride in St Helens

On Thursday 9th May 2019, St Cuthbert’s hosted our annual Extended Qualification Project presentation afternoon, for Year 5 pupils from the local primaries: Broad Oak, Holy Cross, Holy Spirit, St Theresa’s and St Anne’s.

The project is designed to allow Year 5 the opportunity to research and create a project about a topic selected by St Cuthbert’s; the project has strict guidelines and a brief to adhere to. This year’s brief was:

‘St Helens – My Town! A Young Person’s Vision on how we can improve the town for tomorrow’s generation’.



Students were expected to create a project that outlined how St Helens could be developed for future generations but with links to environmental sustainability. Their project had to include research on the history of St Helens, their vision for a St Helens of the future with concept drawings as well as an argumentative essay and was presented in front of a panel of judges; Mrs Potter from the Local Authority, Mrs Arnold one of our School Governors and Mr Burton from Carmel College.



The judges, parents and staff from primaries and St Cuthbert’s, were blown away by the talent and the quality of the work that was presented during the afternoon; all of the students involved displayed nerves of steel and were confident in presenting their amazing ideas for their home town.

Although all of the projects that the judges saw were of an excellent standard, there had to be an overall winner, Olivia from St Anne's.  There were additional prizes for Millie from Broad Oak, Harseh from Holy Cross and Jessica from Holy Spirit.



This is the third year that St Cuthbert’s has ran and hosted the EPQ event and each year the standard of the projects gets better and better!

Year 5 had and amazing afternoon and really had an great opportunity to shine and show off their independent research skills; well done everybody!