School Building Temporarily Closes

School Building Temporarily Closes

St Cuthbert's School Building Closes Temporarily

As of 2:40pm today the school building will temporarily close, this will be for the shortest time possible but in line with the Government guidelines.

Please be assured that in of work and support from school this remains the same. Teachers and staff are continuing to work from home and therefore the amazing resources and creative lessons we have seen so far will continue, along with support for our families. 

We will also keep our social media open to keep in touch. To keep engaging our community, building our relationships and continuing vital conversations.


We wanted to share this poem that one of our students created recently in one of their lessons in school - we think it sums school life here at St Cuthbert's perfectly.


School is a place where we all come together,

Through sunshine, rain or even stormy weather.

Community, friendship, together we are one,

United as a family even after years have gone.

This special place builds our future and shapes our past,

Helped along the way with relationships that last.

Belonging to St Cuthbert's we're always believing,

Exceeding exceptions, consistently achieving.

Respect, Faith, Hope, Dignity and Unity,

These core values are what make our community.

St Cuthbert's we were, are, and always will be,

St Cuthbert's 2020.


Stay busy. Stay in. Stay safe.