Easter Sunday - New Life at St Cuthbert's

Easter Sunday - New Life at St Cuthbert's

There's New Life at St Cuthbert's This Easter

Today is Easter Sunday. Jesus is Risen! Alleluia! That same love that conquered death can conquer our fears, doubts and heartache. 

This is a piece of artwork created by Maddie L in Year 9 in a 'creative session' at home before the Easter break. Thank you Maddie for sharing this with us, it's a lovely piece of artwork and shows us all what Easter truly is all about.


Our brilliant Site Staff, who are checking the site and the surrounding areas daily to make sure all of our school buildings are safe and secure, took this photo today.

They are our new Acer Palmatums, otherwise known as Japanese Maples. 

They are brightening are school site up and show a small sign of New Life this Easter.