St Cuthbert's Awarded Valued Worker Scheme

St Cuthbert's Awarded Valued Worker Scheme

St Cuthbert's awarded Valued Worker Scheme after weeks of continuous hard work by Site and Cleaning Staff


Over the last few months, our site staff and cleaners have worked tirelessly to create a school environment that is safe, clean and secure. As well as still being the usual welcoming St Cuthbert's that we all know and love as staff, students, parents and visitors.


We were quickly nominated for the award when Union Reps and their respected Unions came to visit the school a few weeks ago. They wanted to look at the plans that we have put in place to make sure that we are not only following social distancing measures but also creating an atmosphere and environment that makes all who will be attending in the near future feel safe and welcome. 

The Valued Worker Scheme is an initiative jointly promoted by the NASUWT, GMB, UNISON and Unite to recognise and support good employment relations in schools and colleges.

Many employers already value their employees. The Valued Worker Scheme aims to recognise those employers that are committed to valuing their staff.


The Valued Worker Scheme recognises employers who commit to treating all employees fairly, equitably and with dignity. By adopting the six Valued Worker Scheme principles, employers can demonstrate their commitment to their employees’ wellbeing.


Valued Worker Scheme Principles - 

Employers will commit to treat all employees fairly, equitably and consistently by:

  1. enabling all employees to have a safe, secure and enjoyable working environment;

  2. ensuring the wellbeing and dignity at work of all employees;

  3. providing CPD for all employees;

  4. providing good pay and conditions which include a commitment to the living wage;1

  5. having formal agreed mechanisms for consultation and negotiation, working in partnership with employees and trade unions;

  6. ensuring policy development and working practices are informed by the use of information and evidence.


We would like to thank all who have been involved in this transition, for their continuous hard work during these often challenging times. We look forward to welcoming our staff and students back next week as we start our phase return back to school.