St Cuthbert's 'Elephant Pump' Competition 2021

St Cuthbert's 'Elephant Pump' Competition 2021

By using AquAid water coolers around our school building, as a school community we have helped with the lives of many children living across Africa.

With every water cooler and bottle of water we have obtained from AquAid, a donation has been made on our behalf to The Africa Trust.  These funds are used to directly build fresh drinking water wells where it is needed the most, such as schools and villages.

AquAid are continually looking at ways to get their customers involved in opportunities to spread the word of what they do and increase the work they do in Africa without adding any additional cost to their customers.

AquAid has selected our school to aid the project they are running which involves installing additional water wells (Elephant Pumps) in Africa. 

The pump will be inscribed with our school’s name and a photo - this is where we need your help! 

We need a name to represent our school community and we would like your help and suggestions. Look at the images below of other school's examples and send us your suggestions to by Friday 12th February. The winner will be announced after half-term.


A certificate and letter of thanks from the villagers / pupils will be presented to us by a member of the AquAid team, once the name has been decided and a pump has been installed.