World No Tobacco Day - 31st May

The World Health Organisation have recently launched a year-long global campaign for World No Tobacco Day 2021 – “Commit to Quit”. This campaign aims to support 100 million people worldwide in their attempt to give up.

Make every day a No Tobacco Day  -  ‘commit to quit’ today!



Did you know?

  • Most people start smoking and become addicted to nicotine when they are still children. Those whose parents or siblings smoke are around three times more likely to smoke than children living in non-smoking households.  
  • Children who start smoking at the youngest ages are more likely to smoke heavily and find it harder to give up. These smokers are at the greatest risk of developing smoking related diseases.

13% of our St Helens population smoke, however this can be as high as 23% in the town centre area.

This contributes to wide gaps in health and finances for families who smoke and others who are non-smokers.

St Helens Wellbeing team can support students, families and staff.

You can find all of our Wellbeing Services, including Smokefree on their website below.

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